Initiatives Status Report

Activate the Norfolk Technology Zone that connects our existing clusters of innovation – ODU, EVMS, CHKD, Sentara, downtown, TCC & NSU Background At GNC’s request, Norfolk City Council designated the area along the Elizabeth River stretching from ODU to NSU, including the EVMS/CHKD/Sentara Medical Center, Fort Norfolk, Downtown Norfolk, the Neon Arts District and the Harbor Park area as a “technology zone” under State law, thereby qualifying start-up tech firms locating there to receive a BPOL tax abatement.  The goal of the technology zone incentives is to foster the development and location of new technology businesses in the city, which will increase capital investment and create jobs. Designating the innovation corridor that connects our most prominent academic, medical and business anchors as a “technology zone” was an important first step, but only the first step in fully activating this zone, which is why we assembled a select group of thought leaders in the fall of 2018 to conduct a strategic discussion and to shepherd this critical initiative. The Task Force identified several early action items: Reach consensus on a name Status:  A meeting of representative from the marketing departments of the anchor institutions along the corridor:  i.e. ODU, CHKD, EVMS, Sentara, TCC, DNC and NSU, was convened in March to brainstorm how we might create a kind of marketing collaborative to help get the word out about the zone. read more