Entrepreneurial Minute

Entrepreneurial Minute

GNC continues to focus on enhancing our entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to diversify and grow our local economy.  The importance of shining a light on entrepreneurs and celebrating their success can’t be overstated.  Thus, we showcase a successful entrepreneur and his/her company at most of our Board and Executive Committee meetings:  i.e. the Entrepreneurial Minute.


Status:  During the FY 2018-2019 year, we showcased the following entrepreneurs as part of our Entrepreneurial Minute:


Chris Uiterwyk                       Tim Lee                     Paul Robinson                 Kim Mahon

President & CEO               CTO & Founder                       RISE                       Founder & CEO

IpConfigure                         Amplified IT                                                            MAXX Potential



Hamilton Perkins                         Jeff Conroy               Monique Adams & Evans McMillion

President & Founder                          CEO                            757 Angels / 757 Accelerate

Hamilton Perkins Collection            Embody