St. Paul’s Quadrant Redevelopment – Partner with the City

St. Paul’s Quadrant Redevelopment – Partner with the City

The City of Norfolk has embarked upon a long-term effort, the St. Paul’s Transformation Initiative, to transform the 200 acres east of downtown Norfolk from run-down public housing communities into vibrant mixed-income, mixed-use areas.  Specifically, the goals of the Initiative are to:


  • Increase self-sufficiency, financial independence and successful outcomes for families in the St. Paul’s area through the provision of suitable housing choices and the supportive services of People First.
  • Deconcentrate poverty and develop high quality mixed-income, mixed use communities of choice.
  • Provide access to excellent educational opportunities in partnership with Norfolk Public Schools, local college and universities and early childhood education institutions.



GNC supported the City’s successful application for a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Implementation Grant.  The grant, which was awarded in May 2019, will support new housing, a community hub and expand People First services.  The vision is to transform Tidewater Gardens into a mixed-income, mixed-use, resilient neighborhood that will provide affordable, quality housing for ALL income levels.

At a GNC joint Board meeting with the Downtown Norfolk Council in December 2018 that featured Bruce Katz as the keynote speaker, Katz assisted the City in the development of a Prospectus that lays out the opportunity to invest in Norfolk’s Opportunity Zones, particularly the St. Paul’s Opportunity Zone. Katz also assisted the City in holding a financing charrette, focused on strategies for attracting the one billion dollars needed to make Norfolk’s vision a reality.