2018 GNC President’s Report

GNC  Annual Meeting, May 30, 2018 – Charles V. McPhillips   We are grateful to Mayor Andy Berke of Chattanooga for flying in this afternoon.  So he and I probably have different cities in mind when I rejoice that we woke up this morning in the greatest city in America.  Don’t laugh:  some of you had… Read more »

2017 GNC President’s Report

GNC Annual Meeting, May 24, 2017 – Charles V. McPhillips   Over the last several years, this organization and our allied thought leaders have coalesced around some big ideas, which, if implemented, would build upon the momentum Norfolk currently enjoys and make a significant difference in our future.  These big ideas have been vetted in various task… Read more »

2016 President’s Report

GNC Annual Meeting, June 7, 2016 – Chuck McPhillips This afternoon I will take just a few minutes to talk about GNC’s role in devising a new economic development game plan for Norfolk and the region.  I am proud of the leadership that GNC has exhibited in first calling for a debate over our region’s… Read more »

2015 President’s Report

Over the past two years, GNC has guided a conversation, indeed a debate, about the future of economic development in Norfolk and the surrounding region. We brought an impressive array of advisors into the conversation, including (via his research and writings) Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution, the author of The Metropolitan Revolution. We concluded… Read more »